Hello world!

It’s taken 36 years to take this step. Well let’s be honest, it’s probably more like 20. The first 16 years I think I still wanted to be a teacher. None the less, here I am! And I’m so excited to finally turn my passion and love of photography into something greater! I’ve had the best mentors. Some of them probably don’t even know they made an impression. First was my dad. I know the love for pictures started with him. Next would be my mom for always encouraging me even if they were awful, by telling me how beautiful they were. She even took photography with my brother Jonathan and I in college!

Then when I was 13 I met Noelia Beno at VACC Camp. Her pictures literally told stories and brought one of my favorite weeks to life year round. Somewhere in there my dad and Uncle started “Two Brothers Photography.” Not gonna lie, if they’d asked me to join them I think we could’ve made it. Guess it just wasn’t my time. From there friends like Monica and all my Stouffer’s, my nieces and nephews, children of my closest friends, and from church have helped me get here.

There are however two moms that have trusted me from the beginning. They have stayed with me since the first time my shutter photographed their families. I’ve done their engagements, weddings, maternity, newborn and holidays with them. Frances and Amy you guys have given me the biggest boost of my confidence. Thank you for helping me grow and trusting me with your memories.

Lastly I’d like to thank Rebekah of Rebekah Mann Photography. After my camera was stolen in December (and I felt like I’d lost a limb), Rebekah who barely knew me at the time, handed me a camera to get me through the holidays and through the purchase of my brand new camera! Who does that? And then as if that wasn’t enough she has become my mentor and close friend! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to continue learning from you and working with you.

Theres so many great memories capturing all the pictures in the different galleries.  I remember each and every one of those sessions. I hope you enjoy what you’ve seen and what’s yet to come. Thank you in advance to all my future clients ! You’ve helped make a dream a reality!




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