It’s Graduation Season!

So it took me a little by surprise that the graduating class of 2018 was born the year I graduated! How is it possible that 18 years have passed so quickly? But then I felt much better when my mom told me this year makes 40 for her (don’t tell her I said that).

My great friends and pastors asked me to come out and capture the Moments of a couple of the the graduates from the youth of our church. One of these great humans, their son is Caleb! I have had the pleasure of watching him become the young man I know today. I have seen him grow from a ridiculously long haired punk with hair that covered most of his face, to the drumming worshipper of God I praise with on Sunday mornings. What an honor an privilege to know him.

So many times as the generations before the next we are disappointed in what we see. But we are responsible for these humans. I pray that even a fraction of tomorrow’s young adults are as God centered as these 4 below. I pray that they always remember their way and that they know they are loved by the greatest father and teacher of them all. Be blessed!

Here are a couple of my favorites of Caleb, Kelly, Dylon, and Zion.

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