Dakota Anthony

This little guy took tiny to a whole new level. He was born February 23rd. Making him almost 3 months early. When I met him the first time he was already 6 weeks old and weighing 6 lbs 2 oz.; he was still in the NICU. There were monitors, and tubes everywhere. A tube for feeding, a tube for breathing, another one to monitor this and that. But little Dakota was so alert and had eyes only for his mom. When his mommy spoke he searched her out.

His mommy happens to be my cousin. She has prayed for this little boy. I promised to come back when he was home and get pictures without all the tubes. And oh how great it was to see him. He has come so far! He’s up to 10 pounds and has passed his due date. In fact if he’d been born according to plan he’d have been a little over two weeks. I can’t wait to see him continue to grow and get stronger. Love you my little cousin. Keep fighting!


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